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Lara Carvalho, born in Salvador, Bahia, 27 years old, Cancer Sun, Aries Rising, Scorpio Moon. Graduated in Cultural Production with a Masters in Analysis of Products and Languages of Media Culture, both by Facom/UFBA. I research visual arts, audiovisual content and language, nature, body, menstrual cycles, witchcraft, fictional characters, archetypes and mythology. For 10 years I have worked with cultural and audiovisual production. I'm a screenwriter, director and editor.

In my artistic projects, I work with audiovisual content, photography, performance, literature, collage and digital art. I'm an ecofeminist, plant-based, yogini, crazy cat lady, solitary witch, garden herbalist, improvised alchemist, storyteller, overflowing writer, and cartographer of affection and itinerant natures.

This picture is credited to Ana Sampaio Lemos :)

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